It all started Eight years ago, when Mandy Celine realised all she wants to do is create. Live and breath stories and travel. She spontaneously moved from her quiet rural town in Wiltshire, to sleeping in a kitchen on a mattress in London for three months.

By day she was filming, editing and making teas in productions houses (getting all the experience she could) and working in a pub by night to pay for her mattress in a Brixton kitchen. After eight years of hustling, and powered by pure ambition, Mandy has built up a small dedicated team and a loyal base of clients. As well as creating her own unique visual style she now teaches content creation and filmmaking around the world, having done workshops in Rotterdam, Trento, YouTube London Space and Belfast in the last year or so alone. Her most recent workshop was with Epidemic Sound, at Power of Video.

She also has not slept in a kitchen for a very, very long time. Thankfully.

Her work has been recognised by several tv networks, magazines and agencies. Mandy has been able to travel all over the world developing her craft and honing her photography/video skill-set. She currently has a small team working very closely with, producing content digital content creators and brand campaigns all over the world. She has been dubbed “the Creators’ Creator” by those she has worked with, and that’s exactly, what the MC team do. Create.